How i closed deals worth millions in my last trimester; how to get same result

Contrary to what a lot of people think, pregnancy is not a disease, so don’t give yourself a mental hospital bed and self pity medication.

There are some women who throughout their pregnancy are a shadow of them selves. But why should that be?

Your pregnancy experience is what you choose to make of it- it’s a thing of the mind.

People will ask how did you close a big deal worth millions of naira heavily pregnant? I say with intensity, determination and tenacity.
I had to make a decisions to either sit on my butt all day cranky, frustrated, untidy, irritable and unkept or push myself, look my best and achieve my goals.

I remember my former boss, who inspired me many years ago. I didn’t believe it when i heard she had given birth, because i had just seen her 3 days ago at the office still performing her role as the Financial Controller of the company, only to hear she had put to bed. I was challenged as a young undergraduate back then.
I didn’t notice any difference in the way and manner she did her job, cause she was still as efficient as any other woman out there. But there was another i knew, who’d come to work with a pillow and two hours later would be seen under a desk sleeping soundly like that was her JD.

Please women, we are better than that? There’s nothing like “oh she’s wired strong and I’m not”. Our temperament yes may play a part in our makeup but know it that every temperament can be improved upon when we change our mindset which changes our attitude.

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience don’t turn it into a living hell for your spouse or those around you.

If you’re alone and need some help to stay afloat get the assistance. You are fine and can still accomplish alot in your life. Don’t let the voices of mediocrity tell you otherwise.

Set goals and pursue them. If you haven’t atained them, then get up, speak to your unborn child baby “baby we are going to do this together”. As a matter of fact, it might just help you close deals quicker whether as a sales and marketing personnel or an entrepreneur, because who wants to stress a pregnant woman, so how about you leverage on that?

No matter what obstacle’s you may face, find a way to turn them around.

Just a few months ago (my 7th month of pregnancy), i landed a job as an independent broker for an oil and gas company but i didn”t have a personal car and still don’t but i knew i needed to move around, so what did i do? I hired a cab from September to October of this year, incase your wondering when. I went to business meetings, networking events, did what i know how to do best- closing deals. As a matter of fact my driver then is now my business associate. I still go for business meetings even in my last month, still blog and manage other businesses i own, why because i set a target each year which i have to accomplish with or without pregnancy, I’m trying to catch up with lost time.

To succeed when the odds are not in your favor, you will need intensity and tenacity.

There were two occasions when i had to see my clients with my almost 3 years old child cause there was no one to care for her in my absence. May not have been professionally correct but i had to close this deal which i had worked hard for, before it’s deadline but when the baby-sitter called in unavailable, the decision was mine to either cancel the meeting or go for it by taking her with me (knowing she’s the quiet one). And believe me , my going with her even fueled my determination to close the deal; i was even more hungry to make that big bucks. The meeting ended successful.

Now I’ve got a month to go and assuringly, when the alert hits my phone, I hope i don’t go right into labour from being overjoyed. Lol.

Creating mental obstacle’s in your head, is as worse as building physical road blocks on your path to success. You don’t want to do that.

Yes the first trimester isn’t the best time to stress because of how delicate the pregnancy is at that time, but once it’s over, turn on the motivation ignition and get a move on.
You can still do great things, change your life and still enjoy your pregnancy journey…you only have to be determined.

Until next time, drive your life.

The power of appreciation

Some of the time, we as humans are too caught up in a perfectionist syndrome, wanting things to go a certain way or forcing someone to act a certain way that is pleasing to us. Most of the time, we’ve driven good people out of our lives because of our high expectations of them.

When we let people be themselves around us, we are able to really see them for who they truly are and thereby appreciate their individuality.

This is not to say we shouldn’t have some form of standard however the call is for some flexibility and tolerance in our dealings with others, knowing that we too are never perfect.

Learning to live a life of gratitude is embracing trust in today and faith plus hope in a better tomorrow.

When we say words of appreciation to our children they feel loved and wanted.

Same goes for our spouse or partners, they not only feel loved but will work sometimes unintentional at becoming better mates for us.

So i would urge you, rather than peek at every fault of those around you; seek to appreciate the little efforts they make, the progress they are making. Keep cheering them on.

The truth is no matter how well meaning we claim to be towards our family members, friends and employees, if we only hamper on their faults and flaws, we will never see the improvements we desire.

Sometimes all he or she needs is just a little ” i appreciate your love, your support, your helping out in the house, your faithfulness in this marriage, how you make time for the family on Saturdays, the earrings you got me”.

Words of appreciation even to God through worship and praises brings His glory down. Avoid counting all that isn’t perfect in your life and decide to rather think of all what was good or is good in your life and we will see more goodness begin to flow our way.

Until next time, drive your life. Ciao!

How to get your freak on

So today i will like us to talk about something a little different, how to get your freak on aka how to rekindle the sexual fire in your marriage.

If you’re under 18 and unmarried please drive past this street to the next Bus stop.

Now the question, how do you rekindle the sexual fire in your marriages?

Many women and men alike have confessed of how bad the sex is in their marriages. Either they have it once in a week or twice in a month or twice in 4months and so on. When i speak with couples i find out that some time it’s just an issue of balancing work and life responsibilities, other times is the effect of how bad finances are, or just unresolved issues, low libido or the lack of the former attraction.

All these reasons are good, but remember that sex plays an important role in enjoying marriage and to be an effective spouse you have to be able to balance your personal, family, work and spouse needs.

What makes you an effective wife is your ability to joggle all these responsibilities and still hold it down in the bedroom. This sometimes begins with you taking the initiative.

I often like to begin mine in the car while we are driving back home from wherever we went, starting with a good hand job, then good kisses down there and when the electric pole is up I’ll back out. The dude sometimes can’t wait to manhandle me. So often we will find a good spot in the dark and savage eachother like Lions, even before getting home. Be spontaneous as a wife, not every sexual activity should happen in the bedroom. Sometimes take it to the basement or upper room, garage.

You can also try starting the engine in the early hours of the morning. Let the dude wake up to his electric pole saluting like a soldier.

My husband and i have gone on all kinds of sexual adventures, roof top, backyard, on top of the freezer in the kitchen. These things spice up your marriage.
But remember to look good on the day you feel like a goal getter.

Because whether we know it or not, sex isn’t created for men alone. As a matter of fact there are women with higher sexual drive than men. If you married one, then you have to work at satisfying her and that begins with being a good boy throughout the day, serving her, assisting where you can, sending her a gift etc. Women are like stabilizers, we take time to power on. Some men will be so annoying throughout the day and expect to make peace minutes before sex, like where are you from?😁. You need to warm her up.

A lady told me some years ago, “I’m so cranky these days, often anxious and irritable even to my husband”, i asked “when last did you have good sex”
Yes because GOOD sex helps to reduce tension, i emphasized the word “good” because everything good has a bad brother somewhere.

Good sex is a sexual engagement in which both parties are very involved and are keen on pleasuring eachother leading to mutual satisfaction at the end.

So my advice to her was, when he gets back from work, serve him a favorite meal he hasn’t eaten in a while, then push him into the bathroom and begin to intercede in there, right in the shower, then if you both prefer the bedroom, continue your travel to that destination and ensure you take no prisoners.

There are women who may also not enjoy sex maybe because of past experiences, this is for her partner to understand this and seek ways to help her by being patient with her and engaging in sexual orientation which includes discovering what pleasures her, what her spots are etc. She too can seek help from watching self help videos, etc.

If you think your spouse is not interested in sex be sure that there are ways they still find to pleasure themselves. Don’t be unfaithful and expect your spouse to be a nun waiting for you. Work at loving each other the best ways you can.

Don’t wait to feel love, like people say “oh i don’t feel her love or his love, i don’t love her anymore”. Love is a verb, an action word. It needs to be acted upon to show, that also means it’s a choice.

Love inspite of circumstances, or people’s behavior, or how you feel, because once you determine to act Love, you’ll see love flow.
In rekindling your sexual life, you must remember that marriage is the coming of two crazily imperfect people and for us to be perfect for eachother we’ve got to both give love to each other.

In summary, here are ways to rekindle sex in marriage

  1. Forgive your spouse
  2. Be spontaneous
  3. Be adventurous; try different positions and locations.
  4. Always maintain good hygiene
  5. Wear an eye candy look
  6. Set the mood right always
  7. Enjoy the journey
  8. Avoid stress and over scheduling.

Hope you learnt something today.
Until next time, drive your life. Ciao.

#endbadgovernance #endsars #endpolicebrutality #lekkimassacre #policereform

Chart a new course

I believe a lot of people make the mistake of repeating a painful experience in their past simply because they failed to learn from them.

I’ve met with men and women alike who had not so pleasant experiences growing up, that these awful events still play in their adult lives like it was yesterday. A man shared with me, how much he craved his father’s love as a young boy but never got that love up untill this moment. He carries that scar till today.

As we discussed further, i realized his making the same mistakes with this children. Upon realizing this, he broke down in tears.

The truth about life is if you want to reap Apples, you’ve got to plant apples. That means if i didn’t get love from my dad or mom, I’ve got to consciously determine to do the opposite to my kids and spouse, everyday. Shower them with love that they almost drown in it, as i do this, my heart will be flooded with love right back. Whether it was a situation of abuse, poverty, dehumanisation, whatever it was; deciding to change the narrative is embracing a happier future. Go out there share your experiences, give someone hope, don’t hide in the shadow of an awful experience

Can i say you don’t met the mistakes of others on innocent people in your current life. It’s only foolishness to do so. You rather begin on a clean slate, by choosing to give yourself a chance to love, to forgive, to trust again. Why? Because YOU deserve it. NO MATTER THE PAST YOU ARE DESERVING OF A BETTER FUTURE 😄

You cannot change the past, you cannot control the future, you can however do something about today; starting now at this moment.

How about we begin today to chart a different course of life, like a sailor choosing to take a different direction? And i promise you the future will be much better than the past.

Until next time, drive your life. Ciao

The awakening of Nigerians to their rights

For more than 4 days, a peaceful protest has ensued across various parts of Nigeria, starting with Lagos state.

Nigerians have been on the streets in different parts of the country calling for an end to the most notorious police outfit SARS. My fellow compatriots have woken to smell the bad cookie that’s been cooked for us all these years.

It started with the ear disturbing heartbreaking cry against police brutality, injudicious killings perpetrated by the SARS, a police outfit created to fight crimes but metamorphosed into rogue police action.

International figures are now getting into the hashtag “ENDSARS, ENDPOLICE BRUTALITY.

We appreciate their support and seek for more. Following the huge outcry, as Nigerians took to the street, blocking major highways, toll gates and the Senate chambers of Nigeria, the Nigerian Police Inspector General disbanded the SARS outfit but stated that it’ll redeploy them to other arms of the Police. A terrible idea that sparked another wide protest across the nation. How can you redeploy the same people without a proactive plan and approach for training, rehabilitation and psychological evaluation.

Just yesterday, Twitter’s founder endorsed the hashtag due to evidences and pressure for justice being ignored by the government of the day.

Nigerians are very determined, there’s been loads of images showing people sleeping on the roads so as to wake up in the morning to continue the protest. Nothing like this has ever happened in my country and i must say its hugely commendable.

The new update is Churches in Nigeria are beginning to respond and show support for the cause by organising prayer walks.

As an advocate for women empowerment, i have given my support to this auspicious cause and ask other well meaning citizens of the world to join us.

Please donate funds to worthy organizations like the Female Coalition for protesters. Some protesters have been hospitalized, following the backlash. Others will need food, water, hand sanitizers etc. We are one in the fight against extrajudicial excesses.

Lend your voice by using the hashtag #ENDSARS, #ENDPOLICEBRUTALITY

Change is upon us

Until next time, drive your life.

How to break FREE from depression after the Big Brother Show

What are you feeling right now?
What’s happened to you that has overwhelmed you negatively?
What’s the source of such negative feelings?
Why do you think you’re depressed?

A lot of times when we hear of depression, people go”OMG that’s horrible, that must be serious”.

Well, it aint horrible or serious, this is not to question any scientific evidence or the experts but i do think there’s nothing that can’t be changed. Yes, my optimist self says so, because I’ve seen what changes can occur.

What really is depression?

How do people get depressed?

Well depression comes from a situations where your expectations do not match the blue print and you think you’ve lost control.

When you think you’ve lost control of things working out like you planned, people slip into depression, especially melancholics.

I recall many years ago, a friend was stood up at the alter on her wedding day in front of hundreds of people. If you live Nigeria or know Nigerians our weddings are like concerts; the crowd. And the most heartbreaking part was she was informed that he was marrying someone else on the same day in another city. Well, you can imagine what would have happened to her life from that day, it is indescribable.

However, after a few years of been in and out of mental institution’s, plus intense life changing decisions, like the one I’m about to share, she’s now a free woman accomplishing great things.

Whatever that has a happened or happening to you right now isn’t permanent, i mean how can it be when nothing in life is permanent.

The little boy who broke his leg can still walk, the one who lost his job can still get another, the blind can still see. Like man, even the ocean moves from one direction to another, not talking about the wind now, as magnificent as such a thing, it ain’t permanent, so therefore your circumstance or health issue now, aint permanent, but it will need you to know that and be prepared to do something about it. You can rise out of it, if you so choose.
Please bear in mind, it will take some effort, time and change but you can do it. Why do i know you can; because it’s keeping you from reaching your highest potential, and who doesn’t want that?

Having said that, to get on the road to breaking free, the first step is change your mindset.

The mind is where everything plays out negatively or positively.

Someone can get hit by a car, and remain on the ground crying and in pain, another can get up and find their way to the hospital, what has happened to these set of people.. different attitudes.

A change in your attitude is the first thing you need to break out of depression.

A positive attitude towards circumstances and life is looking at things with a different pair of eyes.

A positive attitude is saying to yourself and others “well i may have not won the show but I’m glad i was a part of it”. ” I may be going through a tough time now, but I’m not quiting on myself neither am i quiting on my dreams”.

Our attitude affects everything we do. It affects what comes to us. Those with positive attitude generally enjoy better overall health. When you think positively about situations, events and circumstances it takes a hold of your mind, and your body responds accordingly.

An attitude change begins not from showing the fake persona of happy to-go fellow, the unreal personality out there but from your inside, right at your core.
Changing your attitude to that of a positive one is looking at your circumstance or at the event from a different perspective of value by

  1. Recognizing that what happened didn’t happen because you deserved it, but because that’s just the way of life.
  2. That what happened wasn’t targeted at destroying you.
  3. It isn’t permanent because life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you
  4. It’s up to you to change it.

How do i change it? By taking these steps (in no particular order)

1. Wake up each day with a heart of gratitude: Think about 3 things in you life that you’re thankful for and be thankful for them daily. Living a life of gratitude would make you less angry, fearful or frustrated. Be grateful for every little thing that happens to you or comes your way.
2. Get your centre right. What’s your centre? The source of strength, security, joy, that’s your centre. People have different things as their centre, for some its money, family, self or God. I prefer God, cause for me that work’s.
3. Do things that make you happy, in order words laugh and be happy more often. Happiness comes from joy, and joy is within you. Watch comedy movies more, surround yourself with people who make you happy and do only what makes you happy. Avoid being concerned about what people will say, live for yourself and not for others. Living for others is only going to keep you frustrated and sad, because what you’ll be doing is constantly drowning in their expectations.
4. Avoid demanding too much from life; because with the right attitude, you’ll attract the best life has for you. So relax and give yourself a break.
5. Set yourself up for possibilities, be open about them.

The above mentioned ways will help you take control of yourself and environment; and eventually break out of depression.

If you do not take control of your environment it will take control of you.

Be warned that this might be a painful emotional exercise but sometimes scraping hard, elimintes fear.

Therefore, to see results from today’s discussion, you’ll need to borrow an athlete’s mentality.

Continually practice the above-mentioned, keep doing them everyday to see improvements. Every man dreams of looking like Dwayne Johnson but did you know Dwayne works out 6 hours everyday for 365 days a year? At least that’s what he said in his movie “High School Reunion”. Lol

You can choose to live victorious or defeated, it’s up to you, beginning with the right attitude.

Until next time, drive your life. Ciao!

Reason’s Why She’s Not Into You

I decided today i and the brothers are going to have a heart2heart talk. So if you’re unmarried and looking to get into a relationship, gather here for some juicy discussion.

There have been so many instances of men finally meeting the woman they want to date and possibly have a future with, but something’s just off once he tries to get the relationship going.
Men have brought such complains to me and i feel their pain all the time hence my decision to share this with you in order for you to get some closure if you’re in such a boat.

In my opinion, there are 6 reasons why she’s just not into you and these are not things i read up on, like you know i write from the heart. What I’m about to share comes from lessons & experiences of people I’ve come in contact with as well as mine.

Let’s get down to it, but before that, be warned that a few of the things i will mention will crush that your macho jiggy jiggy ego. Lol

6 Reasons why she aint into you

  1. You’re broke: Ouchhh! Sorry, i know that was too honest, well you needed to hear it. Many men fancy women who are flashy or classy & sassy, a woman’s who has her life put together, appears well rounded, even from a certain kind of family and maybe has a good job. Well brother, all that came with a price and when the price is totaled, it equals MONEY. If you’re broke she’s likely not going to want to date you. You live with your mama, don’t have a job, can’t even afford a keke napep (India’s tricycle), it might be hard to date you. Because ask yourself, how will you sustain the relationship? Is it with dick in hand instead of roses and treats? Or you’ll speak in tongues when she wants a new device?
  2. You smell broke: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s one thing to be broke and another to smell broke, that’s even worse. Smelling broke means, your appearance promotes brokeness, your body smell and mouth odor all ooze poverty. You can’t even wear a cologne, a good shirt (some men buy terrible shirts that often make me avoid looking at their faces). Please change your wardrobe, have a bath at least twice a day, do your laundry with detergents with good fragrances, brush your teeth before meeting the lady you’re interested in.
  3. She doesn’t want to be broke: this means she’s got ambitions and wants to pursue them. Her education, career, is more important to her at this time; relationship is not a priority now. So you might want to be patient by showing her you understand and are willing to wait, if that’s what you want.
  4. There’s someone else: Yes this often is the case. Most women who are committed to another, will avoid you or reject your advances for a relationship. It could also mean there’s someone who’s financially sponsoring her education or family and she doesn’t want to jeopardize the benefits.
  5. You’re on different wave length: this is when both of you are speaking different languages of vision for life. For example, she wants to pursue a life in another country, while you’re talking about rearing cattle in your village; or she might want to pursue a career as a humanitarian, while you disdain the poor and look down on people who are suffering. You both have different ambitions, different levels of drive that are not compatible. These all can be a turn off, posing red flags and she may not want to keep seeing you.
  6. The first sex was horrible: besides the size of your reproductive organ, you were just terrible in bed. Some men are just terrible in bed that for women it’s like having sex with a grandpa who’s a virgin. First impressions matter, so this could play on her mind and if she enjoys sex; you have just disqualified yourself.
    I’m sorry but i don’t know how to help you with correcting that impression, except if you’re lucky and a second chance presents itself. Hope you still love me?

Okay, these are all i have today, if you want private solutions to any of these; contact me via email for free.

Until next time, drive your life. Ciao!

Breaking out of the limitations

What’s the one barrier to living your dreams?
Think carefully, write it down if possible.

Now, what are the qualities you admire about yourself
(Write down 10 of them)

Pick one from the 10.
Focus on it.

Really focus on it like you are medicating on it.
Let it expand in your mind.

For those who’ve written down the answer’s to the two questions, you are on a journey to self discovery.

What is your best quality? This can be whatever, E.g Daring, driven, patience, goal getter), i only hope it’s positive

Move to activity 3👉🏽
How can you use your best quality to pursue the life you dream?
(Write down your answers)

Remember, you are were you are because you accepted it.
(Hey, leave other’s out of it)

So from now,

  1. Decide to stir up the power inside of you. Stir up the strength, that Will God gave each of us…stir it up.
    Might be hard and daunting, but work at it each day and that begins with
  2. Making the most of 24hrs of your life.
  3. Start adding value daily to yourself, or add value to others.

Until next time, drive your life. Ciao!